Thursday, September 20, 2007

WiFi on the rocks

All around the country, metro WiFi projects are stalling, being put on hold or just being abandoned.

This story illustrates the problem out there. Big claims from politicians and companies bailing on plans as economics force them to go elsewhere as the business model isn't working for them.

San Francisco officially killed the project.

Colorado Springs is going to hold out for WiMax - and can you blame them?

Chicago dumped their plan.

Philly is on hold as well as Cincinnati's network plans.

Milwaukee faces rising costs and partners are backing out.

Houston? We have a problem with our WiFi!

I guess folks are figuring out that investing in old technology isn't a smart move when you have Sprint and other major players spending billions on their WiMax plans that will essentially negate all those expensive WiFi projects.

Ask Google - rolling out metro WiFi is expensive and difficult with terrain issues and all those pesky trees. In our neck of the woods, anything you install in winter will most likely be in serious trouble once spring hits and leaves start forming back on all the trees. I bailed on WiFi back around 2000 for my ISP. We had a bunch of point to point customers up and running, but issues with interference and overall quality of service made it a no-go.

Sure, WiFi will have its place in small areas where there aren't other options and the terrain favors it (Hood River, marinas, etc.), but in most areas, WiMax will rule the roost.

I'm not sayin' I told you so ... but .....

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