Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crossing the bridge

Time is running out on Rocketplane Kistler as they head towards the 30 day deadline for coming up with the $500 million needed to keep their COTS dreams alive after NASA served them with their notification two weeks ago.

George's son, George junior, commented today that they have commitments for $300 million of the total needed. I'm sure they are burning the phone lines, airlines, etc. in order to get the remaining dollars locked up to save the day in what could possibly end the company in its entirety.

Don't discount George Senior - he's a scrappy guy when pushed against the ropes. He's the kind of guy you don't want to underestimate. (his wife Bev, is sharper than he is - and he knows it. I'd recruit her to run ops if I were him)

Still, they have to raise $200 million in just under two weeks. No easy task and they need to have all $500m in order to satisfy the COTS requirements.

One thing the naysayers also don't factor into the mix : George has a decent back pocket of IOU's in the political arena and if they are short on the money on D-Day, you can be certain that he'll pull those out to cross the bridge without getting wet.

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