Monday, September 17, 2007

Providing Solutions Globally

One of the comments we always get at trade shows is, "Great booth! When I walk by I can tell who you are and what you do!" Our booth messaging is a pure play in brand awareness. We want them to know WHO we are, WHAT we do and HOW to reach us. Its the same mentality for outdoor advertising : You have mere seconds to get that information across to the audience as they drive by.

Driving to work one day, I saw a tanker truck with some short named company on the side. You know - the kind of name that an ad firm would create by throwing words against the wall that end up saying (and meaning) nothing. The kicker was the slogan on the side of the tanker, "Providing Solutions Globally". They went through the trouble to put all this on their vehicle(s), and I'm sure its on all their business cards, fax letterhead, etc. and what does it say?


Every time you put your name out there (and your tagline/slogan) you have an opportunity to create awareness for your company to those that don't otherwise know you. Make the most of it - you never know what will trigger someone to call or visit your website. Remember - phone numbers are NEVER remembered, but a memorable URL will be.

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