Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Robotics? Art? Both!

Ok, this makes me smile. Some of you might know that my undergraduate B.S. is in artificial intelligence - namely autonomous robotics. So, when I saw this project I just had to post about it. Its almost, maybe, could be, well, ok, its kinda cooler than the autonomous blimps that roamed the atrium at the MIT Media Lab in the 80's. (still have the video from that trip around here somewhere...)

These guys created some really beautiful looking spherical autonomous vehicles that interact with their environment. What better place to turn them loose but at the recent Burning Man event in Black Rock City!? I can only imagine how the burners interacted with these vehicles while in their various states of, well, lets just leave it at that. You folks know what I mean. Dude, talk about trippy!

Still, R.U.S.H. was cooler. I think its still around somewhere... locked in a closet looking for a power plug... Hmmmm, 8088 assembler coding on the main chasis for motor control, navigation and sonar array with an 68HC11 miniboard controller for ring sensor management... those were the days. (sigh)

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