Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cow pie?

Seems that Gateway is going to announce a new all-in-one computer next week that they claim will look so good that it belongs in an art exhibit. Dare I say I'm not impressed?

If they think this will sell computers, more power to 'em. Its just further clarification that they just don't get it. Its not the design that sells an iMac, its the whole package. It just happens that Apple puts their computers in amazing looking cases that reflect well on the elegance of the operations of the computer.

No matter what case Gateway rolls out - its still a Vista machine. Sure, you can polish poo, but in the end, its still poo. ;-)

On the design side, has Gateway ever designed anything that wasn't fugly?

Nothing like designing something cool and then shipping it in a cow inspired box. Mooooo!

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