Saturday, September 15, 2007

First week

While the iPhone still has issues that I don't care for, I've decided to take one for a two week test drive to see how well it works for me and get some real hands on use in my day to day activities to give it a fair shake. I will NOT use my Treo during the test, except only to check the signal strength of Sprint v. AT&T.

I'll be doing a series of posts each about a specific app or usability issue over the next few days.

First, I have to comment on setting it up. Easy. No bones about it, it was simple and quick. Of course I gave them my SS# even though I agree with Fred that this is completely lame. The provisioning was speedy and in a few minutes I was up and running. I didn't port my number off of my Treo as this is only a test, but if I decide to keep it, I'm curious if I can do the portability after the provisioning.?

For my test drive, I've forwarded my Treo number to the iPhone, though SMS's can't be forwarded. I had to hit a few folks that I text with to let them know about the new (and lame) iPhone number. With Sprint, I was able to pick my number - not so with the AT&T iPhone provisioning. Bummer.

So, that's the set up. I'll be posting more soon, so stay tuned!

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