Thursday, September 15, 2011


Anyone can integrate, or "mashup". Thus there's little lasting value in this exercise. However, when you innovate and create something new and unique that provides intrinsic value, now you are on a totally different path altogether.

Over the past two decades, we took the path to innovation. In the last 10 years, this path included building new web content and ecomm platforms, mobile applications, back end business applications, some that bridged into mega expensive systems such as SAP for a fraction of the cost. And our clients have rewarded us as a result. Sure we do social media integration, but consulting and integration into those platforms isn't a viable long term business model for us. (perhaps our "long term" is different than others?)

When you look at the options of paths that you and your organization can take, don't overlook the path of innovation. Its the more difficult path. It requires more expertise, cost and risk. But the reward is worth it.

Anyone can integrate.

Can you innovate?


Arizona? Nope. As in the bird that has risen from the ashes. After a bit of a break, ok, a rather LONG break, I'm going to blog again.

Anyways, prepare for more ramblings. ;-)