Tuesday, September 18, 2007

iPhone sloooooowness

It started last weekend. I'd tap, the button would dim and then the iPhone would hesitate. This hesitation turned into longer and longer hangs, sometimes resulting in a reboot. Emails delay before being deleted and the phone lags when being woken up.

This behavior seems to be connected to the iPhone's use of AT&T craptastic Edge data network. Then again, I *think* it is, but this is hard to determine since the iPhone doesn't really give you feedback on what its doing on the data side of things.

Speaking of data access, there's another issue where you fire up the iPhone, and go into Safari and the web access is super slow. I mean slow - slower than Edge usually is. The culprit? Mail is pulling down some messages. Ok, I'm using the slowest data network the phone has to browse the web - the iPhone then goes to check mail while I'm in Safari, thus slowing my web surfing. This makes no sense at all and harbors back to the problem with Mail that they have it run in the background, even in manual mode. They need to give data priority to the app that's currently in use for obvious reasons.

And as for network preferences - the iPhone doesn't like to stay connected to WiFi access points when you wake it. Another reason to use Devicescape's app. Make a note of it.

Come on Apple - fix the turtle that is my iPhone!


Matt said...

so you've bitched about the phone being slow. I get it, I agree and that's why I don't have one. Well, that and the original price tag.

So if Apple comes out with an EVDO phone, would you buy one? Are the rest of the features good enough that you would abandon your Treo?

David said...

EVDO would fix a lot that's wrong with the iPhone. That and the other software issues with Mail syncing, but they keyboard is still tough when I can fly with the Treo keyboard. If you have a mistake way back in your writings, getting the cursor there is a challenge and really breaks stride with your work.

When a true 3G iPhone comes out, I will be giving it another shot. As I said in the "should I stay or should I go" post, I really want to like the phone - but for now, I'm sticking with my Treo.