Thursday, September 13, 2007

gPhone part II

My Treo 700p has an unlimited EVDO data plan for $15 a month. With EVDO on my Mac I can video conference, skype, stream audio content, Joost, etc. etc.

Why am I paying for a voice plan when I could just VOIP with the data?

If someone rolled out an EVDO handset that didn't use the mobile carriers's voice capability but was a real 'internet' handset, would Sprint offer a $15 data only plan, without voice or sms?

Probably not.

Of course, what I just described is what the gPhone (if its real) would be. But since the current mobile carriers could effectively already do what Google wants to do, shouldn't they take the initiative and beat Google to the punch?

Sprint could do it even better with their WiMAX powered Xohm network.

Why not?

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