Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nowhere to run....

...and nowhere to hide (out)!

This time of year, especially THIS year, I tend to look for someplace warm and windy to escape to for a bit of winter fun-in-the-sun. Waking up this morning to -11 temps, with wind chills below -40 had me online in no time looking for flights from GRB to OGG. Maui has been on fire so far this January and there's no good reason NOT to use up some frequent flier miles right now.

I popped over to a friend of mine who blogs on maui, and I find this post.

Snow on Maui.

My chest tightened. I quickly glanced around. The walls started to close in. WTF? Snow on Maui? GP didn't get out in the water yesterday because of the cold??

Mr. Gore - Where the hell is your global warming?! I for one, could use it!!


egon said...

They say it's coldest before the global warming..

David said...

After all, you need cold temps to show the warming trend afterwards and scream about the sky is falling. ;-)

The best was a local group yesterday said that global warming will defeat the Packers home field advantage since the last 7 years our game time temps have come up 4 degrees. In the same breath they wanted everyone to be mindful of the long term data. Uh, dude, you just said your seven year research data set. What a moron.

Oh yea, and they did the press conference when the temps were -12 and wind chills were -40 that day.

Genius, pure genius.