Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My new keynote strategy

As reported on TUAW, these guys pictured here got in line for Steve's keynote a full 21 hours before it started. I'm sure sleeping on the concrete was a ton of fun. Bathroom? Who needs it? They had some empty Starbucks cups. But in the end, I bet those guys had kick ass seats.

Funny, I had a better seat than they did.

I slept in my hotel after a nice evening of sushi and drinks with a good friend of mine. I slumbered in complete bliss in my comfy bed with down comforter and hit the snooze button this morning long enough that I finally just turned it off.

I left the hotel about 10 minutes before the keynote, walked in, went up the escalators, and walked into the keynote. Timing? About the same time Steve walked on stage. Perfect! I went to the front and parked my ass in a seat that was pretty much dead center as close as I could get without being press or having a super pass.

No waiting. No shivering in the cold SF morning. No yawns. No need for coffee.

Damn I almost feel sorry for those guys.

Naw, I don't. ;-)

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