Sunday, January 13, 2008

The twelfth man on the field

The game yesterday against the Seahawks was easily the coolest football game I'd even been to. Sure we crushed Holmgren and company, but the snow! Amazing snow! For the entire 3rd quarter you couldn't even see the other side of the bowl. (game video summary)

Of course, the field was quickly obscured by the thick, heavy flakes.

First the grounds crew used brooms to keep the yardline markers visible. Five brooms wasn't gonna cut it.

Then they switched to shovels. They had about ten shovels, but that didn't do it either.

Then they brought out a large enclosed riding mower with a snow brush on the front. That seemed to work well, but the motor that powered the brush crapped out...

Finally they pulled out the big guns with a full sized tractor with a powerful snow brush that I think was chewing more turn that snow, but that did the trick. ;-)

The snow was a factor, no doubt. But I don't think it effected Grant's ground game at all. I think he could run the Iditarod faster than a sled dog team!

At any rate - GO GIANTS!!


Ross said...

It was a lot of fun watching that game from the stands. I particularly liked the stadium music playing "Dragging the Line" during a stoppage in play while they were still dragging brooms to clean off the sidelines and yard markers.
It was the most fun I've ever had at Lambeau Field, and I've been to about 10-15 games in my lifetime.

David said...

Where were ya sitting? My tix are in section 122.

Ross said...

I was in 134, 12 rows up. I was only about 25 feet away from Jennings when he caught the corner route in the South End Zone.

David said...


See you at the Championship game this Sunday against the Giants!

Oh baby yeah! ;-)

Ross said...

Sadly, I'll be watching from home, or at least one of the local watering holes. They're my brother's tickets, so I only rarely get to go. Make sure to yell loud enough for me, too!

David said...

Bummer. You'll be there in spirit! ;-)

Luckily I'm loud enough for 3 or 4 of us. LOL