Sunday, January 20, 2008

Literally freezing your tush!

Its gameday and holy smokes is it cold! Amazingly there are still small patches of open water on the bay and the steam rising off of those patches over the bay is quite beautiful in the morning light. (sorry, no pictures as I don't have a decent telephoto lens to capture it)

The computer models at the NWS have the kick off air temp at -1, windchill of -16. By the end of the game, the temperature will have dropped to -6 with a windchill somewhere south of -21.

You can dress for the cold no doubt, but your comfort level depends on how you handle your biggest adversary. Your seat.

See, Lambeau Field is bench seating. Metal bench seating. No individual seats/chairs. We're talking high school style bleacher seating. (click on the pic) Essentially you are sitting on a giant heat sink that is pulling heat right out of your, well, um ... bottom. To survive, you need to insulate your tush from the bench - and most folks carry in stadium seats with backs on them. Some have foam pads to sit on, hunting seats and some improvise with cardboard from shipping boxes. What most people DON'T think about is insulating their feet from the cement underneath them. Even a single sheet of cardboard will do the trick, but watch out for the beer spiller behind you. I'd opt for a little piece of foam instead.

On warm weather days, everyone is pretty mashed into their seats. In weather like this, where everyone is bundled up, seating space is amazingly tight. If you like to have "personal space", then don't go to a game at Lambeau. When its cold, we all need to be mashed in - its actually warmer for everyone involved. The poor folks on the end of the rows are lucky to keep one (butt) cheek on the bench, that's how tight it is. My seats are dead center in the row, and if we don't get it early enough, its work to just get space enough to sit down. ;-)

At any rate - its gonna be fun, cold and everyone will have stories that they'll tell for years and years.

I just want to get through this game as I hear the weather in Phoenix will be a heck of a lot nicer for the Big Game. ;-)

My prediction? Packers 17, Giants 6.


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