Thursday, January 24, 2008

Al's (big) problem

Its been bugging me for years. I'm not obsessing on it, but its been nagging in the back of my mind and this morning while reading transcripts of Gore/Bono at the Davos event, it finally hit me.

Something has fundamentally bothered me about Al Gore's posture and position on man made global warming. No, I'm not talking about his innate desire to create a new currency (carbon credits) and how he's heavily invested in carbon credit trading companies and the serious conflict of interest and corruption there. No, I'm talking about the overall lifecycle and stickiness/long tail of his message.

Whenever Al talks, he's talking about things we need to STOP doing. He really never talks about solving the problem. This is a crucial problem for any longevity of his message as a platform - aside from his lack of understanding actual planetary science, but I'm not going into a rant on that. (for now)

You read transcripts of folks who are working to fix energy source problems with new ideas, etc. and you get inspired.

You read transcripts of Gore talking about all the things you need to stop doing, and you get tired.

People don't like being bored and tired.

People flock to those that lead and inspire.

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