Monday, January 7, 2008

Bang for the buck

I buy a fair amount of video content on iTunes. However, I buy more TV shows than movies not only because the content is usually better, but in terms of bang for the buck ($/minute), TV shows are a better deal.

Of course I don't make my selections based on the cost involved, because no matter how cheap a crappy movie or TV show is, I'm not gonna watch it. Even if its free.

What does this say about TV shows? Why are they so good these days? It is a result of the increased competition for TV viewership that has forced the producers of these shows to step up their game? Funny how that during the same time frame, one could argue that in terms of quality content, movies have actually dropped in overall content value.

Pound per pound (in this case, minute per minute) TV shows are also a better deal on DVD as well. (I just looked quickly at Amazon). With TV still being broadcast, and movies headed towards being all on-demand, what about all that TV content that's out there? It would be great if Joost or someone put it all online. Forget about free for now, even at a pay per view or subscription model for a series or "channel", I think a lot of folks would go for it. And if you can download/watch your TV shows 24 hours after they air, why bother waiting the 24 hours in the first place? (and doesn't the same apply to movies as well?)

If a band can release an album and let the consumer listen to it and THEN decide how much to pay for it, why can't you do the same for movies? And not crappy indie movies, I'm talking REAL movies. (has someone done this?)

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