Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Something very special in the air indeed!

The new MacBook Air is (almost) the machine I've been waiting for. Its small. Has a decent screen, good keyboard and while they could have dropped the lighted keyboard, I'm kinda glad it made the cut. Batter life looks good - we'll see how that works in the real world. Like the iPhone, its an internal, non replaceable battery. Steve didn't mention much about the graphics, so we'll assume that it uses the crappy Intel integrated graphics chip. (bummer, but you gotta compromise somewhere).

I'm VERY glad it has a standard USB port. This machine screams wireless and without the ability to plug in an EVDO card, it would be DOA as far as I'm concerned. I was really hoping for integrated EVDO, but we'll have to wait on that.

As for its size, you really need to see it and hold it to really appreciate it. You'll immediately notice the change in form factor from all other MacBooks. In this respect, form follows function, and this machine NEEDED an aluminum case for thermal handling of the CPU and the gentle curves in the case design give needed structural strength to a very slim form factor.

All in all, its pretty sweet. The optional SSD will run ya a thousand bucks. Yikes! But that technology will come down in price soon enough.

Am I going to get one? Hmmmm, there's one in my shopping cart on store.apple.com right now....

UPDATE : After playing with one at the show this is not the machine for me. Its just too crippled.

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