Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why is this a good idea?

I have to admit, I'm NOT a fan of the whole phone/mp3 player (ipod) mash-up. I'm not sure where this convergence idea came from, and considering that every iteration of the idea has failed miserably, I'm amazed that providers keep going in this direction. (The Juke that's pictured here is the latest entrant into the market)

Before you email me about the obvious iPhone's success, I need to point out that the success of the iPhone isn't the integration of the phone and ipod, its the total package and the promise of extending the OSX desktop experience that has lead to its success. Oh, and its an Apple product designed by angels, and that's a sure bet for a home run product. ;-)

The ads for the Juke are pretty compelling, not from a product perspective, but just in terms of decent marketing. The Juke itself will fail, just like all the other phones with mp3 players built into them, not because the product sucks, but because its a bad idea.

The problem is that its neither a good phone or MP3 player. Of course its not an ipod, which is a death sentence in itself.

A lot of folks are heralding the Google/Android announcement as the second coming, but I don't see it. (yet) After I get some hands-on time with it in January I should have a better feel for it, but right now, I'm not excited about it. Perhaps its because I've not been thrilled with any of Google's product/services in a few years. All they do is search, and everything else blows. Yeah, that could be it. ;-)

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