Thursday, November 22, 2007

"We want Dallas!"

Today's Thanksgiving day game against Detroit is behind us. The Pack advances to 10-1, but the Cowgirls routed the Jets (no surprise there) and they also advance to 10-1. The stage is set for next Thursday's game in Dallas as these two teams get to hammer it out for 60 minutes to decide who gets to sit on top of the NFC. (Its the biggest game of the season, and thanks to the NFL, almost nobody will get to see it, unless you live in Green Bay, Milwaukee or Dallas. Oh yea, if you are one of the few thousand that subscribe to NFL network, you get it too.)

In the final minutes of a playoff game in 1997 in Lambeau Field, the entire stadium was chanting "We want Dallas! We want Dallas!". It raised the hair on the back of your neck. The atmosphere in the stadium was electric.

Next week, those 74,000+ fans are gonna get their wish.

UPDATE - somehow I missed this, but with the conference win over Detroit, we're on top of Dallas for the lead in the NFC. SWEET! (click for larger standings image)

(and as always, the picture on top is from, the standings image is from

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