Sunday, November 11, 2007

Annoying tactics

While watching TV - more to the point, ABC at night (Sunday night), you might notice that when the commercials come on, you have to turn down the volume or else be blasted by the volume from your TV. Now I've heard commercials louder when watching television, but ABC has gone above the beyond what's tolerable.

Slightly louder is one thing, but when I have to reduce the volume to HALF of that before the commercial, I draw the line. I don't watch a lot of TV, so perhaps I'm more sensitive to it than others, but still...

This is so well known that there are even products that automatically control the volume for you.

I'm certain that there's some lame assed ABC marketer who has all sorts of study groups that states that this tactic works, but perhaps they need to do a study and find out how annoying it is. I think the general assumption is that normal everyday folks who watch ABC are nimrods and just sit there when the commercials come on.

Add this to the list of why TV advertising keeps slipping into the white noise.

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