Saturday, November 17, 2007

Brain dump

I'm working on a startup right now, and when I'm in the groove, its almost impossible for my to get a good nights sleep. My mind is racing and I'll wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea and can't get back to sleep as my mind is off and running. (actually, even when I'm not working on a new project this is a common problem for me)

The strategy I've developed to deal with this situation is amazingly simple. I just grab a legal pad and pen and literally dump all my thoughts to paper. Once I've got it written down and out of my sometimes forgetful mind, my heart rate slows and I'm able to once again lay my head down and fall back to sleep. I do NOT use my laptop for this - for me there's something peaceful and cleansing about a pen and paper. Plus I'd probably get distracted with email, etc. and never get back to sleep.

I realized early on that I stress out when I'm in this mode because I'm franticly coming up with ideas and somewhat fearful that I'll forget them. Writing them down not only solves this problem, but it also forces me to clarify the ideas as I put them to paper.

I bring it up only because another business owner asked me how I deal with this sort of problem. If it can help him, I figure its worth mentioning here.

Sleep tight!

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