Saturday, November 17, 2007

The right tool for the job

You always need to have the right tool for the job, and when it comes to preparing food, your knives can make or break your experience. I can compromise just about anywhere in the kitchen, but when it comes to my knives, I want a precision tool sharpened for maximum performance.

All knives are not created equal, and the three in the lineup here are my mainstays, along with a well used (and abused) cutting board.

There's one tool that this rule doesn't apply to. A hammer. When it comes to hammers, there are really two rules that apply. 1) a hammer can fix anything and 2) anything can be a hammer.

If you know what the middle knife is for, email me and you'll win a prize if you're right. ;-)


egon said...

Well, those look like W├╝sthof Classic knives. It looks like those are the Santoku, Tomato, Paring. I've been using an 8" cook's knife since my Seigo's days.

David said...

I should have excluded you from the contest. ;-)

Eric said...

I'll take 'Nerd Cooks' for $1000 Alex.

David said...

LOL! Egon is hands down the winner in that category. ;-)