Thursday, November 8, 2007

Unbridled enthusiasm

After a little schedule mix up, I ended up connecting with a good friend of mine who's working for a Valley startup that was at the TechCrunch40 this fall. They were in Vegas for some work and a little R&R and it was refreshing to spend some time with a young startup and interact with a small, highly focused and motivated group who's not only working their collective asses off, but having a heck of a good time doing it.

MailFoundry has matured past the startup phase a while ago, and in some ways we're getting entrenched in the day to day business growth battle, yet we strive to keep that unbridled enthusiasm that fuels a young new company.

I had a great time interacting with each of the members of the team and we got to also get into some nice technological conversations as well. It was interesting to me to observe the team as they interacted and it was obvious to me that their personal and professional relationships inside of the team were working in a positive direction that will build towards their future.

So many companies that I observe today have some sort of culture, but nothing close to that which I witnessed with these fired up folks.

Did your company ever have this sort of passion and enthusiasm? Do you still have it? Where did it go? Can you get it back? How would you do that?

The question for this group is that as they grow, can they maintain the culture that is so very much the fiber in the fabric of their company culture?


jm3 said...

ha! bridled enthusiasm is overrated. nice meeting you too, dave.

Matt said...

it was refreshing to meet you dave. !go bootstrappers!