Sunday, November 11, 2007

8-1 and still rollin'

I have to admit, I was nervous about the game today against the Vikings. Sure we beat them in Minnesota earlier this season, we're on a roll and we have them outmatched at almost every position. But still, I was nervous. Its like the loss we had to the Bears almost exactly a month ago - we lost to an inferior team when we should have won. I call these games, "spoiler games", and I was afraid we were going to meet one again today.

Boy was I wrong. (and happily so!) The Pack trounced the Vikings handily and shut down their so-called running game. Now the Pack advances with an 8-1 record and as I write this, Detroit looks like they'll drop to two games behind us. (yeah, I probably just jinxed that game, sorry) UPDATE - Detroit lost. ;-)

Friends of mine in Boston are pinging me for a possible Packers/Pats rematch in the Super Bowl, but that's a LONG way off and we have a lot of pigskin to play.

But that sure would be fun, eh?

(again, photo credit from, a production of DMiNTERACTIVE)

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