Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Apple (MAC) Ad

Its been a while since I've seen a Mac TV ad, but then again, I don't watch a lot of TV so for all I know, this ad might be an old one. (Update - Just saw these on some Apple sites this morning, so they are new ads)

My favorite Apple ad is the first one about Vista - the one with the guy in sunglasses looking like a secret service dude standing behind PC asking for authorizations while PC and Mac chat back and forth. I was at the last RSA show in San Francisco and while talking to a guy from Microsoft, he noticed the Mac driving the display next to me. He broke out in a big smile and said, "Have you seen the Apple ad ripping on Vista?" I had to admit that I hadn't, and he continued, "You gotta see it!" and goes on to describe the ad to me in detail, visible enjoying the ad in his mind all the time. The shocker was when he explained that the ad was ripping through the Redmond campus since its release and all the folks he knew at the offices loved it.

Its hard to produce an ad that has humor, staying power and still works in the marketplace, let alone a string of ads that do just that.

If you have a few minutes to kill, check 'em all out.

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