Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Waiting in line?

Can anyone answer what the number "74,659" is related to?

Answer : The number of people in line for Packers season tickets.

From a product perspective, ponder the problem. You have a finite number of seats in the stadium (72,928 to be exact) and you have an overabundance of customers lining up to get tickets. Now pile on that the amazingly high number on the waiting list, and even MORE people pile on the list just to be there, etc.

Does your business have this problem?

Even if you don't have a finite amount of product, do you have folks lining up to buy your product(s) or services?

How could you re-create this phenomenon? (and CAN you recreate it??)

Some (smart) products in the past have artificially kept stock low in product to increase demand. Not always to effect price mind you, but to increase product buzz and awareness for the NEED for the product which usually causes even more need for the product.

However, in this case, the need and desire is real. Amazing, eh?

So, how can you create more need or desire for your product or service?

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