Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A little R&R

Yeah, I know. No new posts.

What's going on? I'm in Maui for a week doing a little R&R, a little board testing for WindSurfing Magazine and connecting with old friends and new alike.

While I'm here I'm fixing everyone's OSX machines. Its been a while since I've seen their machines and let me tell you, they need a little TLC. ;-)

The conditions have been good (hey, I was lit on a 4.7, but no swell) , though its turning south, its all good. After all, we're talking about Maui. Even when its bad, its sinfully good.

Catch you all on the back end of this trip.

A quick shout out to Henry at Jaques for his Ahi Poke, Kevin for hooking up my friends from the UK, Hero for his quad walking, Nori for taking Heather for an improptu SUP ride to Kanaha, Peter for the killer wave board, Heather for not breaking any of my fingers when she slammed my hand in the door of the rental van, Eddie for (not!) getting us lost in the rain forest, Eric for making me look good even when I crashed hard and everyone else for their gear, stoke and general all-around "make the best of it" attitude.

And last, but not least, Troy and Cindy (again) for the killer lodging at Specks. Love you guys.


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