Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Brain food

I read. A lot. Not as much as I used to, but I still crank through books and magazines at a pretty good clip every week. My reading can be broken down to two categories; entertainment and business. My business reading consists of business books (print), magazines (print), blogs and the Wall Street Journal (again, print).

Business reading for me isn't really about the actual content of the articles. As weird as that sounds, its true. For me, reading is about using the content as a catalyst for my brain to make leaps and bounds in solving the various day to day and strategic problems at hand. I may be reading as article about unique financing for business growth and have an Eureka! moment with regard to something entirely off topic. Yeah, my brain is weird that way. ;-)

I make it a conscious exercise to go back through books, clipped articles, etc. and re-read my notes in the margins. I never read anything without having a pen handy to make notes and I can't loan out books I own because of all the notes in them. Its not that I'm worried about anyone reading them, to the contrary I'm worried about loosing them! After all, a little bit of my brain is in those notes.

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