Sunday, October 28, 2007

Essential travel tools

I get enough comments on the bag when I'm on the road that I figured I'd mention it here on the blog. May I present to you the Patagonia Burrito Suiter bag. I got this one a while ago, and while they don't make it anymore, they should bring it back. Essentially its a hanging suit bag that folds into thirds instead of folding in half. What you get is a minimalist carryon bag that can also get under the seat in front of you in a pinch.

Its a far cry from those massive bags folks try to stuff in the overhead bin for sure, and even when I end up on a regional jet, I don't have to green tag the bag but can also bring it on with me. Not a big deal, but saves 5-7 minutes and sometimes with a tight connection this can make the difference.

Of all the Patagonia bags I've had over the years, this one is positively bombproof. The only issue with it is Patagonia's "human curve" shoulder strap. I've been through about ten of these things. They keep replacing them, but the problem is a design flaw that they refuse to fix.

That aside, the Burrito Suiter bag rocks. I never leave home without it. ;-)

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