Monday, October 29, 2007

How much does FREE wifi really cost?

Here's my office. Sure I'm in the WorldClub in Minneapolis, but where ever I've got my laptop and Treo, that's where my office is.

When I leave on a trip, I turn the WIFI on my MacBook Pro off and work 100% off of my Sprint EVDO card (seen on the left of the MBP with the little antenna up). I don't hunt for WIFI hotspots. I don't (and won't) go specifically to a Starbucks or other retail chain that I know has hotspots. The network shouldn't force me to go places just to get a signal. It should follow me, not make me follow it.

Sure I've ranted about this in the past, but I overheard the guys next to me struggling to get on the WIFI network here, and after wasting 5 minutes or so, they were told that indeed the network was down or crippled. Everyone here was abuzz about it not working, and as a result, they couldn't work at 100% and some couldn't work at all.

I could have sold my EVDO card for $1000 to a few of the guys here on the spot.

So, where's your single point of failure when you are mobile?

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