Monday, October 22, 2007

More than I thought!

During Apple's earnings call, the COO commented that an estimated 250,000 iPhones had been sold to unlockers. (Total sales are 1.4 million units)

WOW. (Wow for the 250k units for unlockers!)

That's more than I would have imagined. Apple is up 7+% in after hour trading and I wonder how AT&T shareholders are taking this news. After all, Apple still made ching on the sales of those 250,000 phones, but AT&T isn't seeing a dime of service revenue. (and yes I know that Apple was getting a bunch of money on the service as well, but they're moving hardware and that's what Wall Street wants to see.)

With the forthcoming iPhone SDK, things are looking pretty rosy in terms of sales since you'll be able to let the dev community loose on the platform.

Now all they need is 3G and I'll be back. (oh yeah, PLEASE fix mail too)


Jim said...

We have two in boxes here at work... Of the initial 5 we bought, only three are activated. One is a backup for my boss. The other a planned gift. They might not all be unlocked...

David said...

True - I was curious if the 250k number was based on data other than just phones that weren't registered with AT&T. There are also folks who registered initially and then bailed on AT&T once they were unlocked.