Sunday, August 12, 2007

Startup events

There are two really good events for startups coming up this September. DEMO Fall and Techcrunch20. For those of you who are interested to see the latest and greatest startups, then these two events back to back should provide plenty for your brain to digest. For those of you who are either looking to start or looking for money (isn't that the same thing?) you should pay close attention to the demo's and pitches as for what works, what doesn't and if you were on stage, how would you have demoed your startup.

Techcrunch20 is a new event - Michael announced it at DEMO last time and I think he's got a good event in the works. Unlike DEMO, the folks pitching didn't pay to be there, they are selected. Chris's DEMO is a tried and true event that delivers for everyone who attends. I had a great time at DEMO spring 07 and the connections I made there were excellent. I ended up sitting next to Walt for the first day - that's another story...

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