Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"Do you have an iPhone?"

I'm asked this all the time. (No, I don't have one) Being that I'm a big Apple fan (still have my old II+ somewhere) and we run the entire company on Mac's, everyone assumed that when the iPhone came out that I'd get one.

Here's the deal. I use a Mac because I want to get things done. Period. I don't want to waste time with a crappy OS, applications and hardware. Apple makes it easy. Plus we're UNIX developers and IMHO there's no better UNIX based workstations than an OSX machine. For me, the iPhone doesn't work. Here's why.

1) the Mail app totally blows. I live in email and this is a total deal killer for me.

2) the data service is slow. I'm on EVDO now (1.5mb down, 384k up) and there's no way I'm going to back to what amounts to dial up speeds for internet.

There's a third issue that I can rant about and that's the five year exclusive deal with AT&T. Honestly Steve, what were you thinking!? Its like rolling out a new computer that only works with AOL! ;-)

They have an EVDO iPhone in the works and I'm certain they'll fix the mail app, but until then I'll keep using my Treo. (700p, not the 680 pictured)

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