Thursday, August 16, 2007


Sometimes products in the marketplace can effect purchasing decisions made by customers. For Northwest Airlines, and others, the CRJ (Canadair Regional Jet) is a good small jet with 50 seats that is economical to fly between hub cities and smaller destinations. They may be good for the bottom line, but there's one truth about them that cannot be denied : Customers hate flying on them.

When looking for flights, I'm bound by schedule and price. However, I ALWAYS look to see what is listed in the "equipment" entry for the flights that I'm booking. (yes, I book all my own flights) If I see "CRJ" in the entry, then I look at other options. Granted, I'm never on one of these planes for more than an hour, but it's a useless hour as its impossible to get any work done on that plane, a by-product of the annoyingly tight seats (I'm 6'3").

Talking to other business travelers, I hear the same repeated time and time again.

It makes me look at our products and services to see if we have a "CRJ" in the lineup. Thankfully when I query customers, I don't believe we have one.

Do you?


Eric said...

Great Photo. Did you take that? It does look like Austin Straubel.

David said...

Love to take credit for it, but the shot is from :

It was taken at DTW - which actually was where I was when I wrote the blog entry. ;-)

Eric said...

Photo Credit:

Matthew Lane