Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Just do it.

If you are thinking about starting a business - stop thinking. Do it.

What's the worst that can happen? You'll fail. In the process you'll learn more than you can ever learn in school about real world business operations. There's no better classroom than the real world. There's no substitute for the pressure of paying bills or meeting payroll. Most folks in college teach business because they can't DO business. If they could, they would be doing it, not talking about it.

I had an interesting conversation with a wanna-be business owner on Maui last week (she was from Austin) who was spending a pile of time and money researching how to start, run, manage, etc. a new business.

I'd estimate that on her current track, she's already spent almost a year's worth of time and around $10,000 of out of cash money in her "research". And she's not done yet! Her goal is to go to law school to get her "training" and then once she's finished she'll work on actually starting a business.

She was shocked when I told her that she's already failed.

She needs to Just Do It.

So do you.

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Jakob said...

Great start on the blog, David! The first posts were really good. I hope you keep it up!

It's not for everyone to start their own company (or you'd have no one to hire!), but I agree completely with your post for those who do have the inclination, to just get going (but still be smart about it).