Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Go team go!

Apple does a lot of things right. You could say they do it better than average, but that wouldn't be a good enough assessment. They KILL when it comes to cool.

Apple has a relatively small product announcement today - nothing really big, but a change nonetheless. There's been no marketing by Apple regarding yet the blogs are abuzz with the gossip, rumors and insider secrets.

Part of their success is accidental and the rest is manufactured. Their leg up on everyone else is the accidental part. Anyone can do the other, but it's this foundation of buzz, cool and customer (fan!) evangelism that sets Apple apart.

The online fan base gives Apple such buzz momentum, its amazing to watch. While the rest of the world tries to create this effect, Apple, in a bizarre turn of events, tries to squelch it. From a branding standpoint, they've not reached the peak, they soared past it. WAY past. They defined a new level of marketing and companies who can harness any part of this capability will stand out in their industry.

In the past 6 months or so, MailFoundry has reached the tipping point where customers online are generating buzz about the product on the discussion boards and we've got some talented fans out there who have developed apps that makes integrating MailFoundry into customers' networks easier. They didn't ask permission from us to do this, they just did it. And we're stoked.

What about your customer base? Would you classify them as "fans"?

They should be.

UPDATE : When I mentioned "relatively small" product update from Apple I meant relative to a large announcement like the iPhone.

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