Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rogue iPhone development

When the AppleTV came out, I was amazed by the amount of hacking folks did on the platform. Getting OSX installed and creating the cheapest Mac ever was pretty sweet. When the iPhone was announced I had a nice chat with the guy sitting next to me at the Keynote about how we thought the iPhone would be hacked. Seeing how things have been going since June 29, I'd say we both underestimated 1) the number of guys hacking on the iPhone and 2) the speed and quality of the hacks.

Today some enterprising folks announced that they have Doom running on the iPhone. Earlier this week someone else released a NES emulator for the iPhone as well.

I don't think Steve saw this coming. I'd bet he's not too happy about it, but I'd suggest that he Do The Right Thing and release a dev kit for the iPhone. Why not? Its happening regardless.

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