Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I'm the founder and CEO of MailFoundry. We're the disruptive guys in the email security space (aka anti-spam). We provide email filtering appliances and solutions for millions of email users around the globe and we do it better and for less than anyone else. (and we're damn proud of it I might add)

What's super cool about what we do is the technology that we use (email scan engine) is our own. We engineered it, we coded it and we maintain the spam profiles that are updated every five minutes to keep our customers safe from spam, viruses, phishing attacks and the like. In the industry, we're one of the few companies that have our own technology. And we don't use ANY "spam assassin" technology in our solution. (I'll go into more about that later) The result of our investment into our scan engine (we call it MessageIQ) is that we kill more spam than anyone else while NOT killing your real email by mistake. (this is called a false positive)

See, killing spam isn't difficult. It's NOT killing legitimate email that's hard. The high rate of false positives are the dirty little secret of the anti-spam industry. We see that today's users are spending more time checking their quarantine or spam folders for lost email than the time they'd spend just deleting incoming spam. That's how bad the problem has become! We knew there was a better way to clean email and still protect the message.

So we built it. Sounds simple, but its not. The proof is that no other active anti-spam solution can come anywhere near our performance, let alone come near our price. In fact, I'm surprised at just how much enterprise customers are paying for anti-spam from the "big guys" and the solution really doesn't work that well. Simply amazing.

Getting back to my comment about spam assassin ; we don't use it or anything like it in our email filtering engine. Why? Its simple. That technology "guesses" at spam and causes a TON of false positives. Not to mention that it's super slow at message scanning. We won't let anything like that on our platform.

We're kinda an odd company because we're not based in Silicon Valley. We're in Green Bay. Right smack dab in the middle of the country. Silicon Valley? More like the Silicon Tundra! Of course we're all Packers fans - they're also a customer (of course). We're proud to be doing this level of software/hardware development in Wisconsin and I'm bullish on people building high tech companies in the state. (more on that in future posts)

In addition to our software engineering that's done here in Green Bay, we do all of our customer support here as well. We get comments from customers who are thrilled to talk to someone that 1) speaks english as a first language and 2) has a real interest in solving their problem, regardless of what it is. Our support guys and gals rock, no doubt!

Every day we bring new customers to our platform and I'd share that our growth is always based on our performance. When a potential customer compares us to anything else out there, MailFoundry really shines. We relish the head to head test because we know we'll kick butt. We're not arrogant, we're confident. We're confident in our technology, our hardware platform, our sales staff, our support staff and our engineering staff is second to none.

At the end of the day, I always check to see the locations we ship to and what units went where. I'm thrilled to see the places we're shipping MailFoundry appliances to and its great to hear back from customers who are amazed at the performance of the product in an industry that makes bold claims but doesn't live up to the hype. (more on that later too!)

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