Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My mobility tools, or Things I can't live without

1. Google Maps on my Treo 700p. When Google first announced it, I was overjoyed. I had been struggling with web based mapping solutions on my Treo when traveling and having the app native to my phone has been a lifesaver. I didn't realize how much I used it until last spring when I was in London and my Sprint based Treo didn't work over there.

2. Macbook Pro. Since 1994 I've not had a desktop computer and my latest and greatest MacBook Pro doesn't leave me wanting to go back anytime soon. There's nothing I can't do on this machine. Period.

3. EVDO card for my MacBook Pro. I've raved on this before - no matter where I go I've got 1.5mb down/384k up. No hunting for WIFI and I can truly be mobile and not sacrifice any internet activity as a result.

4. SnapperMail on my Treo. Its fast, easy to use and nobody knows I'm away from my MacBook Pro.

5. Treo 700p. Yeah, its still got the antenna, crappy camera and its not the smallest thing in the world, but it has a full sized keyboard, EVDO, open development architecture, replaceable battery and it doesn't crash on me. Now we just need to make it better.... (I'm working on that!)

6. DaKine Terminal Backpack. Back in the 80's they started making surfing leashes and windsurfing footstraps. Now they make the best computer backpack on the planet. The best part? Its not too small, and its not too big. Its just perfect in size, built to last and ergonomically easy on your back and shoulders. (and it comes in cammo!) ;-)

7. Original Apple Nano iPod. Still the best looking iPod ever made. Precursor to the iPhone design. Great for airplane use, snowboarding, etc.

8. Bose Quiet Comfort II noise canceling headphones. This is my second set - the first set was destroyed in a bizarre airline seat accident. I prefer the II as the earcup goes over your ear for maximum noise protection.

9. Eclipse 500 VLJ (pictured). Nope, don't actually own one of these. But its next on the list. ;-)


egon said...

Your snappermail link is bad.

David said...

Actually, most of them were bad. Somehow a "www.blogger.com/" ended up in all the URL's. Weird.

Edited them all so they work.

Thanks Dude.

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