Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lessons learned

Talking to business owners over the past few years, there's a recurring theme around their general business operations that is on the front burner for everyone : Doing more with less.

Either building more product with less, selling more with less, etc. When I say "less", I'm 99% referring to staff.

The 2001 dot com burst combined with 9/11 forced businesses to change their operations, "or else". Since "or else" wasn't really an option for anyone, they evolved.

Today their businesses are booming but the mindset hasn't changed. Its great to see that this lesson was learned when things were lean, and not forgotten as times improved. Everyone I talk to realizes that the excess waste from before is now best utilized for growth and opportunity as they roll forward.

Try this exercise - look at your staff. You HAVE to fire one of them. No way around it, someone has to go. Picked someone? Good. Now look at their total cost to you in terms of salary, insurance, taxes, etc. and plug that number that in sales or marketing to grow your business.

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