Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My quest to reduce clutter and a few ounces from my bag has lead me to a product that I saw at MacWorld last January. The Eye-Fi SD card combines a 2GB SD card with 802.11 WiFi capabilities which essentially eliminates the need for cables for sucking photos and video off of your digital camera.

I thought the $99 price tag was worth it, though I think over time the price is gonna come down and 2GB of storage isn't great, so I expect to see a 4GB model soon.

Setup is super easy and also includes the ability to automatically upload photos directly from the camera to online photo sites like Flickr. (they have about 15+ sites that they'll work with which is pretty cool) I've just opted to upload locally to my MacBook Pro, but I could see how great it would be when you are traveling to just upload directly to the web and not need to crack out the laptop, or even bring it.

My only complaint is the speed of import - its slow. I didn't check, but I'd assume that even though this is 802.11 technology, I'd bet it's A/B : no way its G or N. And at that, I'd bet they have the data rate scaled back for power reasons.... but still, its a great idea and really makes you think about where technology like this would really be useful.

So, if you're looking to travel light (you know I am!) and eliminate hassle and wire clutter, then check it out!

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