Monday, May 12, 2008

Ensuring you don't overdeliver

Take a look at the screen shot closely (click on it for large image).

As you can see, the item that I ordered (from Apple if you really want to know) was locally available for delivery last Friday, but they didn't deliver because technically they didn't have to.

So, what kind of message does this give to the customer?

"Gee, we could have given you your items early, but no. We're not gonna do that, regardless of how cool of a thing that would be for us to do."

What would it take for the corporate culture to be changed in order to take advantage of situations like this? Is there a real cost to Fedex to deliver early versus waiting until their required delivery date? The kicker is that the package was actually OUT ON THE TRUCK FOR DELIVERY on Friday, but then it was returned to the facility. So, someone had to make the decision NOT to deliver.

Freakin' amazing.

In this case - what was the cost of NOT delivering? (you be the judge)

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egon said...

There's some chance the stick stuff on a truck, and if there's time, it gets delivered too. I know I get plenty of stuff surprisingly early from FedEx. I'd think if the truck got close to you, it would have gotten delivered.

But maybe not...