Thursday, May 8, 2008

Knee jerk reactions

Funny sign on the flight from Houston to Detroit (on a CRJ-900 - more on that later) in the bathroom. In my worldly travels, I've consumed some dubious water, but I was surprised by the sign in the forward lav warning me not to drink the water.

Now, I'm sure the water in the tanks that feed that faucet are fine to drink, especially compared to any third world country, but some bored lawyers figured its just too much of a risk to chance it.

This reminded me of several times where business decisions that I had made were being questioned by corporate counsel and I overrode their objections and stood firm on my initial decision. No harm befell the company, customers or myself. Had I listened to them I would have missed a great opportunity. This has created a knee jerk reaction over the years that the more the lawyers don't like an idea I have, the better it is.

Scary thing - it really holds true.

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