Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Slow kills

I subscribed to Mozy last week. With all my travels, it makes sense to have my important files backed up to the cloud.

Great idea, but in reality, it just takes too long to backup over the net. I dunno what kind of soda straw they have in their facility, but there's no way I can sit for all these days while my data is backed up. And this is just my mail folder! I had other docs and things in there as well, but it was forecasting 18+ days for that so I scaled back to just my mail folder.

I'm gonna call them tomorrow and cancel the service. Bummer 'cause this would really be nice for a mobile warrior like me. (sigh)

On the plus side, my 1TB Apple Time Capsule arrived today. I'll be posting my experiences about that soon.

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