Thursday, May 22, 2008

Brilliant return...

I finally got a chance on my current road trip to listen to the new B-52's release. I'm a longtime fan, but I was pretty suspect of the new album (why do we still call them albums? I can't call it a CD either since I got it on iTunes...) but anyway, I digress.

I think they nailed it with this return and they're still true to their original sound with some new tweaks that I think really work for them.

I saw then live back in 1988 in Milwaukee when Toad The Wet Sprocket opened for them. Amazing live show - sounded better live than recorded. I recall that some asshole threw crap at one of the girls and they almost walked off stage (can't blame them!) but the crowd outed the jerk, ejected him and they played on and stayed another 30 minutes to boot.

Check it out on iTunes or wherever you buy your music these days.

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