Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two issues, not one

"What do you think about Border security? You know - what do you think of kicking out the illegal aliens?" She asked when she walked in the door from her 6am morning spin class.

"Wait a second, those are two different issues!" I replied.

"No they're not." She retorted.

See, this is the problem. They ARE two different issues. Lets go back shall we...

Back in 9/11/01, the world changed for us Americans. Suddenly border security was a real, in-your-face issue and we needed to do something about it.

However, then the politicians started twisting the issue because of 1) money from companies who rely on immigrants and 2) votes from illegals. As a result, they turned this into an illegal immigrant issue and not a border security issue and its been all uphill from there. Doh!

Anyway, I strongly feel we need border security. We needed it years ago. Period.

As for what to do with the illegals? Right now I honestly don't care. It's already illegal to do what they're doing, so what else can be done besides putting money and resources behind enforcement? Sure you can make it an issue, but its really not. We've got bigger fish to fry before we deal with that.

As for the radio ad that spurred the conversation - that was an ad for McCain. Why is he even running that ad when he's already got the nomination locked up? Its purely to try to recapture the base by putting him into a position that the conservative voters like. Only one problem with that - Conservatives mostly hate him. He can flip flop all he wants and its still not going to change (our) opinion of him.

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