Monday, February 4, 2008

Hillary and McCain are problematic

John McCain and Hillary are problematic for voters and their respective parties in how they'll influence voter turnout just for being on the ticket.

McCain isn't a a republican. Sure he runs on the right, but he legislates on the left. If he's the nominee, you can bet conservatives and core republicans would rather NOT vote for him than just get in a vote against the democratic nominee. Thats just how conservatives are - if they don't like their candidate, then they'll not vote for him. (and the media and left wingers know this - thats why McCain gets all the media coverage ... hard to vote for the other guy(s) when you don't know anything about him). And he's a democrat strategists dream in terms of the skeletons in his closet and his legislation record. Its almost gonna be too easy for them to blast his campaign.. Child's play if you ask me. Its just what the Dems would love to be facing regardless of who's on their ticket since he's soooo beatable. (I think any definition to RINO should reference McCain directly)

Hillary on the other hand will spur opposition voter turnout almost regardless of who's on the R ticket. If they thought they had a platform with ABB (Anyone but Bush), the ABH vote might be actually stronger and they have to watch out for that. The corruption and issues with her and Bill are gonna be a major pain to deal with as well. She's all over the board on her replies to questions and she's eager to give everything to everyone in her quest for power. And you can bet that those video and audio soundbites will be back to haunt her.

In my opinion, Obama is the better choice for the Dems, and Romney is best for the Republicans at this point.

Just ran into a friend of mine (he's a staunch Conservative) and he made a good point when I bought up this post. McCain and Hillary are politically equal. Given the choice, he'd vote for her so the Dems are to blame for anything that happens. His theory is that either or, its the same.

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