Saturday, February 23, 2008

The gift of reading

Growing up, I was a bookworm. So much so that in middle school they tried to restrict my access to the library and somehow keep me from consuming 3+ books per day. Serious!

While I don't read as much as I used to, I still have quite an appetite for books. As much as I'm a 'get out there and do it' kinda of guy, give me a good book and I'll curl up in a chair and loose myself for hours in the pages of well written prose.

When I'm traveling and finish a book, I try to find someone who will take the book. Else I just leave it on the plane in hopes that the next person in my seat will pick it up and enjoy it. I vividly remember reading Dan Brown's, Da Vinci Code on a flight from Minneapolis to San Francisco. I literally finished it as we touched down and the nice older couple next to me asked how I was enjoying the book. They were quite startled to hear that I had actually read the whole thing on the flight and were even more surprised when I handed over the just purchased hardcover book to them. They gladly accepted the book and on my next flight, someone gave me a book. Its fun how this happens!

Tonight I had the pleasure of using my Google Adwords gift card from to find a teacher's request in my area, and in her case, finish off 100% of the needed funds to give her students the books they need for their class. The gift card didn't cover the whole amount needed, so I put the rest on my credit card.

I hope those kids really have a good time learning with those books. Its not important how those books came into their hands, its important that they have them.

Take some time. Check out I bet you can find a worthy classroom you can help out.

UPDATE - I got a nice email from the teacher this morning thanking me and she's very excited about getting the new books into her program. ;-)

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