Friday, February 15, 2008

New EVDO card

Finally got around to getting a replacement EVDO card for my laptop. I opted for the USB card from Novatel (Sprint) for a few reasons.

1) Its USB so I can share it with MacBook's in the office that don't have express card slots. This is super handy at trade shows since my MacBook Pro is the only laptop we travel with that has that kind of slot.

2) Being USB, I can use a short extended cable to mount the actual card on the back of my display which is way better than having it sticking out of the side of a laptop for obvious reasons.

3) They actually have Mac software for this card! The previous card needed to be set up on a Windows based machine before I could use it on my Mac. Not so with this one. Sweet!

4) The Novatel card has built in GPS! Way cool. This card also has a mini SD reader which is kinda cool. I don't use mini SD cards (yet), but its nice that it has multi functions.

Its nice to have an EVDO card again. I just got back from a quick trip and it was super annoying to have to go hunt down WIFI - and it pained me to actually PAY for WIFI at the hotel I was at for two nights.

UPDATE - A few readers asked, and yes, I took the insurance option this time. Doh! ;-)

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