Monday, December 10, 2007

Tablet roundup

Macrumors has a nice little roundup about the possible forthcoming ultra-portable laptop from Apple.

Just to clarify - there's a difference between a tablet and an "ultra portable" laptop. Will we see one, both or neither?

I'm gonna be there again this year. If you are planning to be at MacWorld Expo 2008, drop me a line and lets connect! (first round of drinks are on me!)


egon said...

Well, I'll be around.. I got my expo pass :-)

David said...

Did you get the party pass? (I think I have two this year)

egon said...

No, because you said it was lame last year... Of course, if *I* were there, it would have been cool, so..

David said...

Yeah, but I won the super cool iPod stereo and partied with Cheap Trick! LOL