Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2007 Google Adwords Gift

This year's Google Adwords gift arrived today. As silly as it might sound, I get excited when I see a package with the Google logo on it. The gifts are usually pretty cool every year, and every year is something different.

The package was a little small for another fleece blanket, or a oversized Google beach towel, and I was certain it wasn't another LCD picture frame.... So, what was it?

What I first thought was a business card holder turned out to be a credit card sized 2GB USB flash storage card! Very cool.

I thought the flip out connector was a cool touch.

But wait! There's more....

What looked like a card, well, it was a card. But with a nice little Google twist.

Google has partnered with such that all recipients of the Google Adwords gift can choose a school to receive books, art supplies, technology, or other resources.

These donations are targeted at low income communities.

Now that's way cool. Kudos to Google.


Shoestring Disco said...

what are the "google adwords" and how do you become a part of them? sounds very neat

David said...

Go to google. Do a search on just about anything. See those text ads on top and on the right? Those are Google Adwords. If you have products/services to sell, then you should be buying keywords on Google to direct a mountain of buyers to your website.